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Hello Shakespeare: Uncertainty
Hello Shakespeare: Uncertainty
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Hello Shakespeare
Her brain reversed just about everything, reigning in a special sort of reality. Words and sentences made more sense right to left, meaning ideas also flip flopped so that her corrections became another’s huh?
100 meaning 001
inside = outside
love = not love
right turn = left turn
the perfect meaning the imperfect
Don’t get me wrong. The resemblance between opposites is not obvious but, thankfully, the brain immediately - click - summons the correct lens to bring truth into focus. (unless these things are pre-ordained and the event would have occurred anyway)
When an oncoming car is headed straight on about to crash into the driver’s side. should I veer left or right? Into or away from? Or just stop? Back up? Shut down all reason and fly heavenward. Uncertainty is all too brave. After all, it’s uncertainty. But the car was steered into the oncoming vehicle and Wham - the passenger and her baby struck. Boom. Over. Into and away from were not the same. Lucky that i never saw it coming. And the ambulance was on it’s way. Uncertainty closed the curtain.
Were we born in different plays?
Viola is this.
And then she is
Beatrice says one thing.
But she feels something other.
Lady Macbeth is hideous and mean.
And in her sleep, it’s uncertain.