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Hello Shakespeare: Safe Space
Hello Shakespeare: Safe Space
oil on paper

I have a to do list but, typically, it’s a bogus effort – like trying to stay on the lines or thinking a predictable day will make for a very good day.
To do:
1. Run on the road. So what if my shoes don’t fit anymore and it’s been a long time, but there’s the optional barefoot running, given we stay off trail and it’s warm enough.
2. Yoga. Home from accomplishment and nature shower, trees bending down to greet me as my gaze reaches upwards to meet the sounds of birds, where the tree tops brush the sky.
3. Shower Friday morning I befriended a spider in the shower. It inched its way closer and closer to my feet, only to be gradually but thoroughly soaked. Thinking this little guy was a goner, next morning, there it was, dry and ready for another day. And another and another and this morning. Did it take for granted that this way of life might continue? How hopeful was he/she? It became a friend. Reliable. Always showing up. Curious. Silent communication. Standing in two worlds but a single universe with keen honest appropriate respect for our safe space. Imagine how I felt when I stepped into the shower and on this, the 5th day I found a tiny tiny dot in the drain cup. Tipping point? Was it the extra few minutes of the day before?
4. Breakfast…Is it a big deal if my teeth can no longer bite through bitter realities of wars and distractions and internal incompetence to soften the tenacious grip of hopelessness in homelessness. I also wonder about the wisdom of chewing granola.